On Wednesday, 20th of November, 2019, Seeders/LWAF 2019 held their 2nd Investment meeting at Beirut Digital District.


The angel investors were invited to attend a workshop on “Due Diligence” delivered by Mrs. Maria Carolina Romero, Head of Portfolio Products at Go Beyond.


Some alumni, from Seeders 2016, Seeders and LWAF 2017, Seeders 2018, and IM Capital’s guests, joined the group for the pitches. three new startups pitched their ideas to the groups: an online network of home

healthcare providers; a smart, automated, and flexible employee scheduling SaaS for shift-based companies and hourly workers; and a professional-grade 3D printing technology manufacturer & solution provider, for makers and artisans seeking affordable, fast and reliable high-precision 3D printing solutions.


The meeting concluded with a lively debriefing session, followed by a group vote. The 3rd investment meeting is scheduled for December 12, 2019

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